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After years of waiting, it’s finally happened: Nikon has officially announced the Z8, a pro-level mirrorless camera that combines speed, high-resolution imaging, and class-leading video into a single package.

As we previously reported – based on information supplied by Nikon Rumors – the Z8 is similar to Nikon’s flagship camera, the Z9, though it features a few crucial differences. According to Nikon’s press release

“The Z8 condenses the advanced functionality and performance of the flagship Nikon Z9 into a compact and lightweight body while also maintaining superior robustness and reliability. The Z8 is ideal for a variety of image creators who seek new possibilities for visual expression in a wide range of genres and subjects, such as landscapes, wild birds, airplanes, portraits, and weddings.”

In other words, the Z8 echoes the feature set of the Z9, though it sheds the built-in vertical grip for added portability and comes with a slightly more palatable price tag.

The Z8 offers the same powerful full-frame 45.7 MP sensor found in the Z9, which boasts enough resolution for serious landscape and commercial shooters as well as top-notch low-light capabilities for event and street photographers. The Z8’s autofocus system, too, comes from the Z9, and Nikon has even added a few upgrades, including focusing down to -9 EV; in other words, the Z8 will be lightning-fast in a wide range of conditions and should easily satisfy serious sports, wildlife, and other action photographers.

Action shooters should also appreciate the impressive 20 FPS RAW continuous shooting speeds (which jumps to 30 FPS if you switch the image format to JPEG), perfect for freezing split-second moments. Nikon has also added another handy action-snapping feature: Pre-Release Capture, a mode that “allows the capture of images up to one second before the shutter-release button is fully pressed.” Thanks to Pre-Release Capture, you can effectively produce photos of scenes that have already happened. 

And the Z8, like the Z9, isn’t just a stills-capable camera. Nikon’s newest mirrorless model packs outstanding video features, such as 8K/30p and 4K/120p recording. The Z8 also features in-body image stabilization for reduced camera shake – a handy tool for both still and video shooters.

The Z8 may not be as expensive as the Z9 (which currently retails for $5497), but it doesn’t come cheap. You can currently preorder the camera for $3997 (body only), and units will start shipping toward the end of May. 

So if you’re a serious photographer who likes the performance of the Z9 but can’t stomach its price tag, consider the Z8. It’s an all-rounder camera that won’t let you down, whether you shoot landscapes, wildlife, sports, events, portraits, and so much more.

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The post Nikon Announces the Z8, With a 45 MP Sensor, 8K Video, and More appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Jaymes Dempsey.