If you’ve been through superhero comics, you are sure to remember how the hero with his supernatural powers at times ended up becoming a fierce stone man. Well, do you want to achieve that result in your photo shots? If yes, then just follow the steps given below:

Step # 1:

Get your hands on a photo that has a plain background so that the editing process can be facilitated. Access the File menu and click Open. You would basically need to make use of Adobe Photoshop so as to open JPEG files. Once open they are going to have a locked background layer. This particular layer can easily be duplicated by choosing the Layer menu, where in you would need to select the Duplicate Layer sub-menu. When the dialog box appears, give it the name ‘layer 1’. Now, use the white color to override the background. For this purpose, you would basically need to make use of the Paint Bucket Tool. Now, you would need to take the layer 1 and remove its background layer. To achieve so, you will have to make use of the magic wand tool, and then hit Delete over the keyboard.

Step # 2:

Now, the next step involves you having to hit Ctrl + D. This is basically going to help you remove all of the remaining selection. The next thing that you need to do is to give things a bit of more of a realistic texture. For this purpose, you would have to access the Layer menu, choose Duplicate Layer, and now change the name of Layer 1 to ‘Texture’. For this layer, you would now have to choose the image menu, after which you will need to select ‘Adjustment > Desaturate’. This is actually going to make it possible for you to remove all traces of the existing color of the image and make it grey. This layer would now need to be placed above Layer 1.

Step # 3:

For the next step, you actually have to give the layer a bit more texture, but that would only be possible after you make sure that the said layer is active. For this purpose, access the ‘Filter’ menu, and choose Texture > Craquelure. This is going to ask you to enter a few parameters, so in the Crack Depth parameter, add 7, for Crack Spacing, add 75, and for Crack Brightness, enter 6. Once all that is done, hit the Enter key. This is going to place lots of cracks over your image. In order to get rid of the motive tool cracks, just make use of the Eraser tool.

Step # 4:

The next step involves preparing a few stone images. Although you have the potential to photograph highways or walls, there is also the possibility of finding a reference image over Google. Once you have an image at hand, open it and move into the working canvas using the Move tool. Texture stone the whole area, and rename this layer to Stone.

Step # 5:

Make adjustments to the layer through the Blending Mode of Layer Panel, and bring it to Multiply. Now, hit ctrl + left click to work on a picture selection over the texture layer. Take the cursor and move it over to the Stone layer. Access Menu and choose Select Inverse so that the selection area can be reversed. Delete any parts that you dot require.

Step # 6:

Improve the texture of the image through the Patter option. Open a photograph of a marble floor and move it onto your canvas. Now on the texture layer, click Ctrl + left click so that the selection can be retrieved. Click the Select menu, click Select inverse and hit the Delete button. Access the panel layer and hit Multiply Mode, and bring down to level of opacity to around 15% – you’re done!

Source by Juan C Ruiz