There are numerous strategies to eliminate images by using Adobe Photoshop, however in this Photoshop tutorial I want to show you the very best way to get rid of images. I have not really come across this technique elsewhere on the net, so I thought I might share the idea with you Photoshop newbies. The beauty of this method is that it utilizes a soft brush edge meaning the edges do not seem so jagged.

Anyway, the initial step you have to do is to identify the image that you want to get rid of within a photo, and set the foreground color to black, while making the background coloring white-colored. Subsequently, find the brush tool and set your master diameter at 10px with your hardness at 0%. The next thing to do is to unlock your layer, and then add a layer mask on the photo.

You then must focus in close up and make use of the brush tool to outline your picture. Hold down the shift key for the lengthy straight parts. I normally hold down shift nearly the full way through to acquire a natural smooth line. I should like to mention here that if you need to select the tinier bits of an image, then alter the dimensions of your brush to a size less than 10px.

When you are done, hold down the ALT key and click on the layer mask simultaneously. Be sure you’re clicking your mask on the layer and not simply the layer. Choose the Magic Wand application and be sure Contiguous is checked and that Anti-alias is unchecked. Then click on the external white-colored region which is the section you do not want to have within the snapshot.

Go to the toolbar and head over to Select – Modify – Expand and adjust it to 5px. Next convert the background color to black and after that hit the delete key. It will probably still leave several very small areas which you don’t want on the edges of the image, so you must go back and take the 5px brush and fill in those areas so they are black.

Make sure the foreground is black whenever you are doing this. You can hold down Option and then click simultaneously on your layer mask itself to get back and fourth to view the actual image. Once you have eventually completed cutting it out, just hold down Option and click simultaneously on your layer mask and you will have finalized. You have just managed to eliminate a graphic applying adobe Photoshop, so I really hope that you found these Photoshop tips for beginners helpful.

Source by Dan Feildman