Some of the cutest children pictures taken are during their infant and toddler years. This is when they experience their “firsts”. Whether it’s napping, crawling, yawning, smiling, or walking, capturing the moment is priceless.

Photographing your baby is not an easy task. Working around the wiggling and squirming, or the pouting and crying, to get the perfect picture takes time.

To help master baby photography, check out the tips below!

It takes two. If you are planning a special photo shoot enlist a helper to assist. Solo baby photography is next to impossible. You need one person to entertain the baby and one to snap the photos. Note that this tip does not apply to candid shots- we’ll discuss them later.

Patience is a virtue. If you are rushed or aggravated, it will be difficult to capture a calm baby. They will react to the frazzled energy you are projecting.

Quantity leads to quality. Have your camera on you at all times. It might take 100 pictures to get a perfect shot. But, when you do it will be well worth the effort.

Familiarize at a young age. Getting your baby used to the camera from the day they are born will help them adapt. The flash or clicking noise might startle them at first but the more they see you with your camera the more they will relax. By the time they reach their toddler years, they will be posing and saying “cheese” on cue.

Motivate with toys and funny noises. To get your baby’s attention, wave their favorite toy behind the camera or make funny faces and sounds. And, remember to click fast because their attention span will change quickly.

Lighting is key. Outside photographs should be taken on cloudy days or in a shaded area. Sunlight tends to cause babies to squint and it also creates glares.

Focus. A baby’s face is priceless. Their eyes can say a thousand words. Be sure to get down at their level and focus in on their face. Capture them without any distracting objects in the background- i.e. cribs, toys.

Capture action and interaction. Pictures of just the baby are good, but be sure to take some including family members or friends. Natural and loving moments with the grandparents, play time with your friends kids, or walking the beach with daddy or mommy are images to treasure. If these are action shots, just be sure to adjust your camera appropriately for action photos.

Be creative. Play around with your camera or editing setting. Create black and white photos or highlight a specific color. Zoom in on the little baby feet and hands. Don’t just take pictures of them smiling or laughing. Take one of a pouty face or while they are sleeping. The more variety you have the more memories you will have to look back on.

Share your great work. Send the pictures to family and friends or use them for customized birth announcements or baptism invitations. You can go online for sites that make personalized invitations and cards with your photographs.

Source by Julie Pitts