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Ever since the release of the original Nikon Z6 and Z7, photographers have speculated about a potential Nikon Z8 – in fact, we initially reported on Z8 rumors way back in March 2020. But while the Z8 has remained conspicuously absent from official Nikon announcements, Nikon Rumors is now hinting at a possible April launch date. 

According to NR, “[t]he latest announcement timeframe I got is April and shipping in May,” though the “development announcement could come earlier.” This release date aligns neatly with information released by the rumor site in November 2022

“[T]he Nikon Z8 camera design is finalized/production-ready, and the only issue holding back the official announcement is the ongoing parts shortage…The most likely scenario is a Z8 announcement in late spring 2023 (late March/Q2?)…and a potential shipment in/around May 2023.”

So while the precise timeline is still uncertain, it seems probable that we’ll get a Z8 announcement before April is out. The release may even coincide with the launch of the a9 III, Sony’s upcoming sports-centric camera, though rumors suggest that, rather than compete with action models like the a9 III and the Canon EOS R3, the Z8 will be a slower camera geared more toward landscape, product, and still-life photographers. 

As explained by Nikon Rumors, the camera will go “head-to-head with the…Sony a7R V,” a popular model designed primarily for landscape and product photographers with its 61 MP full-frame sensor and beautiful 9.44M-dot electronic viewfinder. If true, you can expect the Nikon Z8 to feature a high-resolution viewfinder and a sensor resolution beyond that of the Nikon Z7, Z7 II, and Z9 (45.7 MP) – perhaps 61 MP to match the a7R V, though 70+ megapixels isn’t out of the question.

(On the other hand, NR has consistently reported that the Z8’s sensor will come straight from the 45.7 MP Z9, which would seem to put the new camera at a disadvantage compared to the Sony a7R V, at least on the surface.)

Even if the Z8 caters primarily to detail-focused photographers, it’s important to note that the a7R V, the current highest-megapixel model on the full-frame market, boasts more than just impressive image resolutions. Sony’s camera manages to offer outstanding autofocus and fast shooting speeds on top of its megapixel count, making it an excellent all-around camera for professionals who shoot in a variety of scenarios – and you can expect Nikon to take a similar approach with the Z8. I’d also anticipate strong video specifications, including at least 4K/60p recording, though potentially even 8K/30p and beyond.

Regardless, we don’t have long to wait. The Z8 announcement appears to be just around the corner, so if you’re a landscape, product, or still-life photographer in search of a new camera, you may be in luck!

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The post The Nikon Z8 May Be Announced Next Month appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Jaymes Dempsey.