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Looking for a mirrorless camera that’s both affordable and plenty powerful? Canon has not one but two models on the way, both of which will be “announced…next week” and feature a combination of high-level tech and sub-$1500 price tags.

According to Canon Rumors, the imaging company is preparing to unveil the EOS R8 and EOS R50. The two products – a full-frame and an APS-C camera, respectively – will boast RF mounts and round out the entry-level end of Canon’s mirrorless lineup, giving beginner and intermediate photographers an opportunity to access the latest camera technology without paying thousands of dollars.

But while we don’t have any official specs for the EOS R8 and the EOS R50, we do know – based on reliable rumors reported by CR – that they’re far from identical and are designed to appeal to different sets of users.

The EOS R8 will likely contain a full-frame 24 MP sensor, top-notch autofocus capabilities, a whopping 40 frames-per-second continuous shooting mode, and 4K/60p recording. CR notes that the camera won’t offer in-body image stabilization, though it will be remarkably lightweight (1.02 lb/461 g) and cost just $1499.

Based purely on the specs listed above, the EOS R8 should target several types of consumers: intermediate photographers looking to make the jump to full frame, entry-level photographers seeking a combination of speed and solid image quality, and hybrid shooters in need of a model that can handle both video recording and still photography. The lightweight (and presumably compact) build will make the R8 attractive to vloggers and travel photographers, especially when you factor in the low price.

Then there’s the EOS R50. Canon Rumors has had very little to say about this model, but we do know that it will contain an APS-C sensor and cost an unprecedented $679 (or $1029 with multiple kit lenses). At present, Canon’s cheapest RF-mount mirrorless camera is the $879 EOS R10, but the EOS R50 – with its budget-friendly price tag – should do more to draw in digital photography beginners looking to capture high-quality files without spending a fortune.

The EOS R50 will undoubtedly include a far more limited feature set compared to the EOS R10 and the EOS R8, but you can still expect the camera to offer excellent image quality, reasonably fast autofocusing, solid ergonomics, and fast continuous shooting.

So if you’re a beginner or intermediate shooter looking for a new camera, keep an eye out for the upcoming EOS R8 and EOS R50 announcements!

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The post The Canon EOS R50 and EOS R8 Will Debut “Next Week” appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Jaymes Dempsey.