The Sulfur Inside- By: Dr. D. S01E01

Topic: Serial Killers
Host / Producer: Dr. D.

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The Sulfur Inside – By: Nikolaos Chanakoulas – Debut show @ Mercury Cloud – Play loud & share – #MercuryHome #StayHome

Death SS – Let The Sabbath Begin
Ghost – Square Hammer
Blood Ceremony – Googdbye Gemini
Cradle Of Filth – Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
Anorexia Nervosa – Stabat Mater Dolorosa
Borknagar – Voices
Nargaroth – Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River
Danse Macabre – Sacred
Dryland – A Gothic Tale
Neon Dream – Whining Sounds
Necropagia – London (13 Demon Street)
Screamin’ Daemon – The Whores That Jack Killed
1000 Funerals – Your Fancy
Macabre – Found A Peanut

Podcast by Dr. D. (DJ Nick Chanakoulas)

Source : Mercury Radio