Did you know it is possible for you to get high search engine ranking for terms not even occurring on our page? These are all those SEO techniques that you are not performing on your website are known as off- site SEO.

If you thought optimizing the content on your page was enough for a successful website then you thought wrong. If you want your search engine optimization to be really efficient you are going to need help from other websites in the form of incoming links (also known as backlinks).

Off-site SEO is all about getting quality links which are relevant to assist the search engines in exactly what it is your webpage is focusing on. Every backlink you get is like a thumbs up or a vote for you page and Google’s page rank measures this in some complex way also taking many other factors into consideration.

What are Back Links?

Think about it this way… Only one link from a quality site is worth more than a hundred than that of a poor site. Linking to bad sites will probably have a negative effect on your own website and its ranking in search results. One way links into your website from another are of greater value than a reciprocal link gotten from carrying out various link exchanges. Also ensure that all links are using relevant keywords in their anchor text.

If you want to create a higher number of backlinks to a certain page you can use a few variations on this particular text. Not only will you get better results but it will seem like a natural growth rate to the search engines, keeping you safely below their radar when looking for unethical behaviour.

Avoid link exchange programs as they will hurt you more than they will help. In the long run the search engine will see it as some sort of manipulation. Once discovered by the network they are sure to punish all linked sites by dropping your ranking in search results. The number of links should grow steadily over time as this is the natural and organic way. Remember backlinks can enable you to attain top search engine ranking using lots of different keywords.

How to Get Back Links

Although there are many options available when in search of obtaining more back links not a lot of them are easy or quick. You will have to put in some time and effort if you want to make ensure visitors get quality content which is relevant enough for other sites to want to link to.

Getting Links from RSS Feeds

A great link building strategy is by distributing RSS feeds. This automatically creates thousands of other new backlinks every time you add new content. But if you are intending to go about it manually you are going to be busy for a long time.

Never underestimate the effects that off-site SEO may have. Off-site SEO cannot be put aside or ignored because if done properly it carries a lot of weight in search engine ranking.

Source by Cait Corrigan