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Luminar Neo, the latest release in Skylum’s series of AI-driven editing programs, will soon receive a major upgrade: the Noiseless AI extension, designed to remove image noise while retaining crisp, clear detail. 

While Luminar Neo does already offer a noise reduction option, Skylum claims that Noiseless AI is a “higher-quality” tool that ensures you “no longer have to compromise on ISO when capturing photos.” The company explains: “Based on deep photo analysis, Noiseless AI determines an image’s noise level and suggests one of three noise reduction presets…[O]ne click gets rid of noise throughout the photo.” 

Most photographers occasionally struggle with noisy high-ISO images, and in recent years, various software companies have released tools promising an effective solution, such as DeNoise AI (from Topaz Labs) and NoNoise AI (from ON1). It remains to be seen how Skylum’s Noiseless AI program will perform, but Luminar Neo’s inbuilt noise reduction tool is already highly regarded. I’m hopeful that Skylum can build upon its initial success.

Noiseless AI is part of Skylum’s newest software initiative. Instead of producing brand-new Luminar programs, Skylum is releasing a series of extensions that offer expanded image editing functionality to Luminar Neo users. At present, one extension – called “HDR Merge” – is available, and Skylum has already named several upcoming additions:  

AI Background Removal, which will allow users to easily remove backgrounds from a wide variety of images.Upscale AI, which will allow users to improve image resolution for cropping and large printing.

Both AI Background Removal and Upscale AI will launch in November along with two other still-unrevealed extensions. A seventh extension will become available in December (according to Skylum, it will be “extra special”). 

Noiseless AI will be released on August 30th. Unfortunately, the extension isn’t free; even current Luminar Neo owners will need to shell out for the noise-reduction tool. And you cannot grab Noiseless AI on its own. Instead, you’ll need to buy access to the entire Luminar Neo extension pack – either as a one-time purchase or as part of the new Luminar Neo subscription plans (Pro Monthly and Pro Yearly). 

The subscription plans include access to both Luminar Neo and all upcoming extensions, and while Skylum does offer various discounts for current Luminar users (see the list on the Neo FAQ page), the base price is on the high side: $14.95/month for the Pro Monthly plan. The yearly plan is a more reasonable $7.42/month (but paid annually).

For those who prefer one-time payment options, you can currently purchase access to all current and upcoming 2022 extensions for $199. Again, various discounts are available for existing Skylum customers.

If you’re already a Luminar fan and are interested in any of the announced extensions, I’d encourage you to purchase the extension pack while the price is low. However, if you’re worried you may not have much use for Noiseless AI, HDR Merge, AI Background Removal, and Upscale AI, then consider waiting until the remaining extensions have been unveiled before making your decision. 

Now over to you:

What do you think of Skylum’s new extensions? Will you pay for them? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

The post Luminar Neo Will Gain New Noiseless AI Extension on August 30th appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Jaymes Dempsey.