If there is someone who can play any role or character with ease, that name has to be Johnny Depp. With an endless list of bizarre, unique yet striking roles, Johnny Depp holds his position amongst the most brilliant actors of all time.

This actor is not just known for his amazing looks and acting skills but for his kind heart as well. It would be right to say that he is the perfect gentleman, a terrific actor, and a kind human being. A man who can perform any role with perfection while adding his personal style to it, yes that ought to be Johnny Depp!

Sexiest Man Alive

Not many actors are lucky enough to get this title, but Johnny had this title twice! Gorgeous eyes and heartwarming smile are what makes him so likable. With such an amazing personality and magnetic aura, Johnny is surely the Sexiest Man Alive!

With dark black liner across his lids in the Pirates series, he surely stole hearts of millions of fans. Even while playing unusual characters, his effortless style is something which makes him everyone’s heart-throb.

Born to be a Star

He came to Hollywood with hopes of being famous as a musician, but fate had another big plan for him. The actor ended up signing movies and began his career with Nightmare on Elm Street. Before this, he had previously done several short roles in movies.

He became teen idol through 21 Jump Street which was the famous television series. He did many movies that had exceptional “larger than Life” roles and performed them with amazing skills. Here are some of the most amazing characters played by Johnny Depp in several movies:

• Captain Jack Sparrow: Pirates of the Caribbean series

• Willy Wonka: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

• James Whitey Bulger: Black Mass

• Sam: Benny & Joon

• Dr. Will Caster: Transcendence

These are just to name a few amongst the most thrilling characters played by Johnny Depp.

Most Versatile Actor of all time

Johnny Depp has an endless list of eccentric characters and roles that he had played onscreen. Captain Jack Sparrow, Tonto, Willy Wonka, Frank Tupelo, Sweeny Todd, Whitey Bulgar are among the most iconic roles played by Johnny Depp. His movies keep you thrilled with excitement because he makes the character so real.

No matter which role he takes, it is ensured by him that a subtle amount of his personality is transferred to the role without making it too overpowering. His personality, confidence and acting skills make the character even more real.

Highest Paid Celebrity

Johnny Depp is known among the most successful actors who have proved themselves. His amazing acting skills and talent make him the highest paid actors in the world. His movies run successfully at the box office and he certainly deserves the credit for that.

Apart from the glamorous side, Johnny Depp loves to participate in activities that involve children. He has always been polite and respectful towards his fans, a rare thing to be seen among film stars and celebrities.

There is always more to know, read and write about this wonderful man, and you would always fall for him. Call him Johnny Depp, or Captain Jack Sparrow or any other name; he will always be a legend who would keep ruling hearts until the end of time.

Source by Vishal Singh Jadon