Introduction: How to multiply yourself in Photoshop

What you need:

(a) Any Adobe Photoshop version

(b) A webcam or a Digital Camera

(c) A tripod (Optional)

Step 1. Launch Photoshop

This is the first most obvious step to consider. Open Photoshop but don’t open new files yet. If you are using a webcam, you can proceed to step 2. In case you are using a digital camera, proceed to step 3.

Step 2. Webcam

If you are using an apple computer, all you need to do is launch Photobooth.

For those using windows, open any suitable picture taking software.

Step 3. Take the Photos

When taking photos, avoid moving your camera. This is where a tripod comes in handy. If you have a digital camera which will produce better quality pictures, feel free to use it alongside a tripod. This option is better because it gives you a variety of options when taking photos. Your webcam may not take the best photos when you are standing. Take a minimum of 3 photos. You should also consider having them apart from each other because it makes editing easier.

Step 4. Getting photos ready

After taking your pictures, the next step is getting them ready. You can start by comparing them when they are next to each other. Choose a suitable starting photo i.e. the one with your back furthest. The next photo you choose should feature you next in position (from the back). Repeat this until you have photos arranged in a suitable position mentally or physically.

In case you want to multiply yourself and you have only 2 photos, choose whichever photo you like as a starting photo. You can then drag and drop the photo into Photoshop. A pop up window should appear. Go to File and then click Place. Locate your other photo by selecting it and placing it in.

This action should be followed by a giant cross through your other photo. The cross simply shows you that you haven’t placed the photo. Click on any tool to get rid of the huge cross. A confirmation message will show up asking you if you want to place the photo. Click place and that’s it. Repeat the procedure until all your photos are placed in Photoshop.

Step 5. Editing

Photoshop editing is self explanatory especially if you are working with 2 photos. You just need to follow the instructions i.e. select an area in your second photo using the selection tool. Copy the selection. After doing this, delete your second picture or the greatest number picture if you are using more than one picture. Paste you selection and drag it to an appropriate location. Repeat this in case you are using more than 2 photos.

Step 6. Fine tuning

Once you are done editing, the last step is fine tuning. All you need to do is merge visible layers. You can also choose to re-sample, blur or touch up the lines you get when you merge more than 2 photos. After this step, you will have successfully multiplied yourself in Photoshop.

Source by Swee Shiong Chong