With the growing technological world, people have also become more accustomed to using the internet to search various information and collect data from there. Using specific keywords often shows the highest ranking websites offering relevant information in the SERP. And with search results becoming more and more dynamic and personalized over the years, it has created a challenging SEO environment for webmasters and content marketers. But these changes can create opportunities for those who are willing to explore it.

The search behavior of consumers is also changing rapidly and a report has stated that 57% of searches have now started to begin by using the mobile device. Google has revealed that voice search has also increased about 20% of all the Google mobile search queries. The search engine is also constantly updating and adjusting the SERP layout so as to better align the searcher’s context and expectations. Audiences always expect to see rich and relevant content in the SERPs that not only include text listings, images, videos, local map results and many more. The standard organic listing also features rich snippets that enhances the lists by presenting information that is visually appealing and often very easy to scan.

Even there are changes in the paid search and Google has doubled the size of its PLAs and has also announced that four search ads can appear for highly commercial queries when it was three earlier. This shift in the SERP has made a great impact on the SEO and now marketers have to consider how the content is displayed or evaluated on varied devices used by the audience so that they can target more traffic from the right search and at the right time.

The impact of the shift on SEO:

The shift of the SERP from the classic “10 blue links” to a dynamic and visually appealing SERP has a great impact on how the webmasters perform their jobs. Earlier, creating content for a webpage with the chosen keywords helped to gain a higher ranking in the SERP, but now different content types rank in different sections of the SERP for different users in various locations.

Today, you need to create other types of content so as to capture the various areas of the SERP, a video, high quality product image, information on local storefront and even a question answer section. Once these four content elements are ready together with your standard text content, you can easily win a place in the SERP for the same keywords that you targeted to rank years ago. Targeting three mobile devices with 5 content types makes it a permutation of 15 in total. And this is in fact a challenging task that involves more content to produce, optimize them and keep a track to enhance the organic search performance.

How can SEO webmasters focus on their efforts to attain a igher ranking?

SEO webmasters and markets have to make great content marketing efforts. It is very important to observe the type of content that is most likely to gain a top rank on the SERP for most important target keyword. This type of observation will be the key for the search markers to improve their organic search performance and also sustain in the market. Nowadays, Google will never display a one size fits all SERP anymore and the marketers also have to analyze the ranking position of the varied content element of the SERPs for the chosen keywords. Webmasters also have to understand the signals and check if the selected keywords produce the SERPs with local results or not.

Source by Om Namdev