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Fujifilm will release four new groundbreaking cameras before the year is out, says Fuji Rumors

The information comes from a Fujifilm Spain presentation, which was initially reported on by Fujistas; while the presentation discussed the Instax Mini 12, Fujifilm’s just-released instant film camera, it also included “‘a slide that unveiled the camera roadmap in 2023,’” indicating “two X-series cameras and two Instax cameras [are] coming in the next seven months.” 

The presentation slide – which can be viewed on the Fuji Rumors website – hints at the launch of an Instax and an X-series camera in both May and September 2023, though instead of featuring product pictures or camera names, the slide only shows four question marks. According to Fujistas, each of the cameras will be “‘disruptive,’” though it’s unclear what, precisely, the models will offer. Unprecedented computational autofocus? In-camera HDR RAW files? Breathtaking low-light capabilities?

Bottom line: Assuming the presentation slide is correct, two X-series cameras are on their way, and while the company does have a handful of products in need of updating, I’d put my money on an X-T40. The X-T10 lineup has generally been kept to a two-year-per-release timeline, and this fall will mark two years since the announcement of the X-T30 II – but more importantly, the original X-T30 launched over four years ago, and the X-T30 II was hardly an innovative successor. In fact, the X-T30 and the X-T30 II are identical in nearly every way, which means that Fujifilm users deserve an impressive replacement, and an inventive X-T40 would certainly fit the bill.

Disruptive features aside, I would expect a sensor upgrade; here, I’d guess that Fujifilm will rely on the 40 MP sensor included in the recently released X-T5. A higher-resolution electronic viewfinder would also be welcome (the X-T30 II’s 2.36M-dot EVF is starting to feel rather dated), as would in-body image stabilization – but because Fujifilm goes to such great lengths to keep the X-T10 series compact, the latter is somewhat unlikely. I do think that any X-T40 will offer a minimum 15 FPS continuous shooting using the mechanical shutter, as well as 4K/60p recording (at the very least).

As for the second Fujifilm X-series camera, an X-Pro4 does seem like a real possibility. It’s been over three years since the X-Pro3 debuted, and while the X-Pro line appeals to a relatively small group of photographers, it’s a central part of Fujifilm’s retro and film-focused aesthetic. I’d predict specs similar to the X-T40 features discussed above, including an upgraded sensor, improved video capabilities, and enhanced continuous shooting capabilities. An autofocus boost is also likely, and will put the X-Pro4 on par with the X-T5.

Of course, this is all speculation – but an X-T40 and an X-Pro4 would certainly make for an exciting year.

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The post Fujifilm to Launch 4 Groundbreaking Cameras in 2023 appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Jaymes Dempsey.