Want to learn how to take better pictures? Well, that’s what I wanted to learn so, I purchased a photography book and became a quasi-expert in under 3-months, (in my mind). But, seriously I wouldn’t be willing to say that or couldn’t had I not read this book:

“How to Improve Your Photography – Tips and Techniques You Can Use with Your Camera” by Carl Shipman (editor), 1981.

Taking pictures with purpose is the underlining theme of this work, one you must read if you truly ever want to master your photography. There are chapters on setting up your shots and understanding perspectives, as well as learning the details on lines, patterns, texture, contrast and color. The book shows you how to use light, special effects and create the perfect works.

Ever wonder how to take perfect multiple exposure pictures? It’s all here in Carl Shipman’s book. You’ll learn how to operate your camera (35 mm) like a professional. You’ll know why you are taking the picture prior to shooting, and compose your shot from the viewfinder. Understanding depth, scale, overviews is all here.

Indeed, I thoroughly enjoyed the sections on diagonal compositions, vanishing points, and shooting with all the details of line and shape. Want to emphasize textures, tone, contrast, darker areas, or make silhouettes, photo essays and lighted surfaces? How about understanding color vocabulary, harmony, chaos of colors, shooting sunsets, or dawns. Zoom in and zoom out, but first zoom onto the internet and buy this book so you can become one with the great photographers of our time.

Source by Lance Winslow