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Category: samsung

What the Samsung NX1 teaches Canikon - EOSHD.com
November 13, 2021

Maker of microwaves, dabbler in tanks, God of an entire galaxy of smartphones Samsung left the camera industry many years ago. So why do I still love the NX1 so much? NSFW as contains occasional strong word! All footage shot on the NX1 by Andrew Reid. Check out my EOSHD Shooter’s Guide for the Samsung NX1 here to get a comprehensive impression of the camera and how to set it up for filmmaking! Source link...

What are the 5 most UNDERRATED cameras for filmmakers? - EOSHD.com
November 12, 2021

There are some things in life that are only highly rated in your head and yours alone. You stand drowning in a sea of indifference, trying to convince the resident Kanye West mouthbreather to listen Dream Theater’s first album. With cameras for example, I’ve stood in the sea of indifference myself for a long time with the waves of stupidity lapping at my feet, making my socks all damp, as I try to convince the mainstream that Sony is not...

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