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Category: Philosophy

A logical look at the subjectivity of speech | MIT News
December 12, 2021

Suppose you see a Vermeer in a museum and wish to express your reaction to some companions. You could say, “That’s a beautiful painting.” Or you could tell them, “I think that painting looks good.” Surely either of those phrases expresses the same basic point. MIT philosopher Justin Khoo would beg to differ. Indeed, Khoo enjoys prying apart the difference between such statements until a yawning gap appears....

3 Questions: Sophie Gibert on ethics in action | MIT News
November 18, 2021

Sophie Gibert is a PhD candidate in philosophy and assistant director of 24.133 (Experiential Ethics), an MIT class in which students explore ethical questions related to their internships, research, or other experiential learning activities. Gibert, who also serves as a graduate teaching fellow for Embedded EthiCS at Harvard University, which focuses on ethics for computer scientists, was formerly a predoctoral fellow in...

An aspiring human rights lawyer, wielding tools from mathematics and philosophy | MIT News
November 8, 2021

Ana Reyes Sanchez and her family sat in the living room, watching a movie together, just like any other night. Although she can’t recall which movie it was, she remembers seeing a shot of MIT’s Great Dome surrounded by students, and declaring, “I’m gonna go there!” Her parents smiled, thinking little of what that their 7-year-old daughter had just said. Little did they know, this childhood dream would become a...

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