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Category: pearl snare drums

Pearl DuoLuxe Snare Drums – Coming Soon
January 17, 2022

Pearl DuoLuxe Snare Drums: launched to celebrate Pearl’s recent 75th anniversary, we take a look at a brace of classic snares with a modern twist… The post Pearl DuoLuxe Snare Drums – Coming Soon appeared first on Drummer's Review. Source link...

Pearl Matt Halpern Signature Snare Drum
January 6, 2022

Here’s our review of a 14″ x 6″ Pearl Matt Halpern Signature snare drum, featuring… 1.5mm Brass shell with black powder coated finish, 3 x die cast air vents strategically placed around the shell, powder-coated gloss black Pearl Mastercast hoops, Evans Heavyweight Dry batter head coupled with Hazy 300...

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