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Category: MIT Sloan School of Management

Reducing food waste to increase access to affordable foods | MIT News
January 5, 2022

energy, and fertilizer that went into growing, processing, and distributing the food is wasted. On the other end of the supply chain are cash-strapped consumers, who have been further distressed in recent years by factors like the Covid-19 pandemic and inflation. Spoiler Alert, a company founded by two MIT alumni, is helping companies bridge the gap between food waste and food insecurity with a platform connecting...

Helping people understand and track their health | MIT News
December 3, 2021

About half of all women over 50 will experience a broken bone at some point. Those injuries can lead to major setbacks in function and independence from which some patients never fully recover. Fortunately, maintaining bone density can prevent such injuries. One way to maintain bone health is by getting adequate levels of calcium and vitamin D. That’s why many people want to track nutrient levels and bone density before...

Is watching believing? | MIT News
November 17, 2021

It might seem that video would be a singularly influential medium for spreading information online. But a new experiment conducted by MIT researchers finds that video clips have only a modestly larger impact on political persuasion than the written word does. “Our conclusion is that watching video is not much more persuasive than reading text,” says David Rand, an MIT professor and co-author of a new paper detailing...

Setting a new standard for hormone health | MIT News
November 9, 2021

Half the population lives with monthly ovarian hormone cycles. Those cycles impact menstrual patterns, fertility, and much more, but stigmas around hormone problems have limited awareness about hormone health. Now, Aavia is working to help people understand their hormone cycle and its impacts. “These cycles impact quality of sleep, quality of muscle toning, energy, sex drive, skin health, mental health, energy levels...

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