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Category: MIT Medical

From counting blood cells to motion capture, sensors drive patient-centered research | MIT News
December 16, 2021

Sensors and sensing systems — from devices that count white blood cells to technologies that monitor muscle coordination during rehabilitation — can positively impact medical research, scientists said at the 2021 SENSE.nano Symposium. The virtual event focused on how sensing technologies are enabling current medical studies and aiding translation of their findings to improve human health. Featuring leaders from...

3 Questions: Supporting graduate student families | MIT News
November 19, 2021

When you have a family, life becomes a balancing act of supporting your loved ones while managing your personal responsibilities. At MIT, three offices play a pivotal role in supporting graduate students with families — their partners, their children — as they create that balance.  Naomi Carton serves as associate dean for graduate residential education (GRE), supporting the entire graduate residential community...

Managing Covid-19 at MIT this fall: “So far, so good” | MIT News
November 16, 2021

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, nearly 20,000 people are now studying, working, or living at MIT on any given day. Thanks to a robust plan to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 on campus — masking, attesting, testing, and access control — the number of positive Covid-19 cases has remained very low (at or below 0.1% of tests conducted) in recent weeks. Because of that statistic, nearly all classes, labs, and offices...

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