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Category: Mathematics

Seeing the natural world through a mathematical lens | MIT News
January 13, 2022

Growing up in Wallingford, Connecticut, David Darrow loved spending time outside, hiking and camping with his Boy Scout troop. He was fascinated by the environment around him, constantly asking questions about the natural world. Now a senior at MIT majoring in math and minoring in German and physics, Darrow is still studying natural phenomena. With fluid dynamics and climate modeling as his primary fields of interest, he...

Three with MIT ties win 2022 Churchill Scholarships | MIT News
January 13, 2022

MIT seniors David Darrow and Tara Venkatadri have been selected as 2022 Churchill Scholars and will embark on a year of graduate studies in the U.K. starting next fall. James Diao, a graduate student in the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology (HST), received the Kanders Churchill Scholarship in Science Policy. The Churchill Scholarship is a highly competitive fellowship that annually offers 16 American...

Four with MIT ties honored with 2022 American Mathematical Society prizes | MIT News
January 12, 2022

Four mathematicians with MIT ties were recently honored by the American Mathematical Society (AMS). Professors Michel Goemans and Richard Stanley, along with Cornell University Professor David Williamson PhD ’93, are recipients of AMS’s Leroy P. Steele Prizes for 2022. Associate Professor Semyon Dyatlov received the inaugural 2022 Mikhail Gordin Prize, offered jointly by the AMS and the European Mathematical Society...

Making computation come alive | MIT News
January 6, 2022

As a Martian lander descends toward the Red Planet’s surface, when can its parachute be safely deployed? Open it too early, while the lander is hurtling through the atmosphere, and it might tear off — but open it too late and the lander might not slow down enough to prevent a catastrophic crash landing. There are seemingly endless possibilities in this complex conundrum. One way to solve this puzzle is to use a...

Graduate students honored with national math prize | MIT News
December 10, 2021

Travis Dillon, a graduate student in mathematics at MIT, has been awarded the 2022 AMS-MAA-SIAM Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize for Outstanding Research in Mathematics by an Undergraduate Student, and fellow math doctoral student Alex Cohen has received an honorable mention. Dillon earned this year’s honor for his significant work in number theory, combinatorics, discrete geometry, and symbolic dynamics as an...

The intersection of math, computers, and everything else | MIT News
December 5, 2021

Shardul Chiplunkar, a senior in Course 18C (mathematics with computer science), entered MIT interested in computers, but soon he was trying everything from spinning fire to building firewalls. He dabbled in audio engineering and glass blowing, was a tenor for the MIT/Wellesley Toons a capella group, and learned to sail. "When I was entering MIT, I thought I was just going to be interested in math and computer science,...

Rewriting the operating manual | MIT News
November 30, 2021

Suppose you were designing a system to allocate organ donations for the greater good. From one perspective, an optimized program might give organs to the youngest possible recipient, to maximize the number of life-years gained from each organ donation. However, such a system would likely be regarded as discriminatory based on its use of age, and would be unlikely to gain society-wide approval. “That’s not going...

Arthur Mattuck, professor emeritus of mathematics, dies at 91 | MIT News
November 19, 2021

Arthur Paul Mattuck, emeritus professor of mathematics at MIT, passed away on Friday, Oct. 8, at the age of 91. Mattuck came to MIT as a CLE Moore Instructor, a position he held from 1955 to 1957. He joined the faculty in 1958 and retired after 52 years of service in 2010. He continued to teach through fall 2019. In his specialty, algebraic geometry, Mattuck contributed to the theory of curves and abelian varieties, and...

Carina Letong Hong named a 2022 Rhodes Scholar for China | MIT News
November 19, 2021

Carina Letong Hong from Guangzhou, China, is a winner of the Rhodes Scholarship (China Constituency). As a Rhodes Scholar, she will pursue graduate studies in mathematics at Oxford University. At MIT, Hong is a junior double-majoring in mathematics and physics. She hopes to become an academic and devote her life to solving conjectures and building communities. Hong has taken over 20 graduate courses, and plans to graduate...

American Physical Society honors nine with MIT ties for physics research | MIT News
November 10, 2021

Nine MIT community members have been selected for the American Physical Society (APS) spring 2022 prizes and awards. Those awarded include Professor Edmund Bertschinger, Associate Professor Nikta Fakhri, and Professor (post-tenure) Robert Jaffe; late Research Scientist Gene Dresselhaus, Research Scientist Peter Fritschel; and Lecturer and Junior Lab Manager Sean Robinson; as well as alumni Sylvester James Gates Jr....

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