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Category: Industry

MIT Startup Exchange: Creating powerful synergies | MIT News
January 21, 2022

Most successful entrepreneurs know it is not enough to assume that inventing a smart or disruptive technology alone is enough to make customers come running. Among other things, business development involves connecting with the right people in the corporate hierarchy. Yet aspiring entrepreneurs often underestimate the value, cost, and difficulty of forming strategic partnerships. In a 2020 survey conducted by McKinsey,...

Meet the 2021-22 Accenture Fellows | MIT News
January 4, 2022

Launched in October of 2020, the MIT and Accenture Convergence Initiative for Industry and Technology underscores the ways in which industry and technology come together to spur innovation. The five-year initiative aims to achieve its mission through research, education, and fellowships. To that end, Accenture has once again awarded five annual fellowships to MIT graduate students working on research in industry and...

Q&A: Cathy Wu on developing algorithms to safely integrate robots into our world | MIT News
December 17, 2021

Cathy Wu is the Gilbert W. Winslow Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and a member of the MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society. As an undergraduate, Wu won MIT’s toughest robotics competition, and as a graduate student took the University of California at Berkeley’s first-ever course on deep reinforcement learning. Now back at MIT, she’s working to improve the flow of robots in Amazon...

From counting blood cells to motion capture, sensors drive patient-centered research | MIT News
December 16, 2021

Sensors and sensing systems — from devices that count white blood cells to technologies that monitor muscle coordination during rehabilitation — can positively impact medical research, scientists said at the 2021 SENSE.nano Symposium. The virtual event focused on how sensing technologies are enabling current medical studies and aiding translation of their findings to improve human health. Featuring leaders from...

Meet the Oystamaran | MIT News
December 8, 2021

When Michelle Kornberg was about to graduate from MIT, she wanted to use her knowledge of mechanical and ocean engineering to make the world a better place. Luckily, she found the perfect senior capstone class project: supporting sustainable seafood by helping aquaculture farmers grow oysters. “It’s our responsibility to use our skills and opportunities to work on problems that really matter,” says Kornberg, who...

Q&A: More-sustainable concrete with machine learning | MIT News
December 8, 2021

As a building material, concrete withstands the test of time. Its use dates back to early civilizations, and today it is the most popular composite choice in the world. However, it’s not without its faults. Production of its key ingredient, cement, contributes 8-9 percent of the global anthropogenic CO2 emissions and 2-3 percent of energy consumption, which is only projected to increase in the coming years. With aging...

Generating a realistic 3D world | MIT News
December 7, 2021

While standing in a kitchen, you push some metal bowls across the counter into the sink with a clang, and drape a towel over the back of a chair. In another room, it sounds like some precariously stacked wooden blocks fell over, and there’s an epic toy car crash. These interactions with our environment are just some of what humans experience on a daily basis at home, but while this world may seem real, it isn’t. A new...

Popular new major blends technical skills and human-centered applications | MIT News
December 1, 2021

Annie Snyder wasn’t sure what she wanted to major in when she arrived on campus. She drifted toward MIT’s most popular major, electrical engineering and computer science (EECS), also known as Course 6, but it didn’t feel like quite the right fit. She was interested in computer science but more passionate about understanding how technology affects people’s everyday lives. Snyder, now a junior, found a compelling...

Energy hackers give a glimpse of the postpandemic future | MIT News
November 29, 2021

After going virtual in 2020, the MIT EnergyHack was back on campus last weekend in a brand-new hybrid format that saw teams participate both in person and virtually from across the globe. While the hybrid format presented new challenges to the organizing team, it also allowed for one of the most diverse and inspiring iterations of the event to date. “Organizing a hybrid event was a challenging but important goal in 2021...

In MIT visit, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston ’05 explores the accelerated shift to distributed work | MIT News
November 22, 2021

When the cloud storage firm Dropbox decided to shut down its offices with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, co-founder and CEO Drew Houston ’05 had to send the company’s nearly 3,000 employees home and tell them they were not coming back to work anytime soon. “It felt like I was announcing a snow day or something.” In the early days of the pandemic, Houston says that Dropbox reacted as many others did to...

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