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Category: Grants

MIT Press announces Grant Program for Diverse Voices | MIT News
November 10, 2021

In keeping with its mission and longstanding commitment to grow diversity in the ranks of published authors, the MIT Press has announced the launch of the Grant Program for Diverse Voices. The initiative will expand funding for new work by authors whose voices have been excluded and chronically underrepresented across the arts, humanities, and sciences. The grant program will be supported by the press’s existing Fund for...

Modeling the mechanisms of metastasis | MIT News
November 8, 2021

Metastatic cancer is responsible for the vast majority of cancer mortality, but it is difficult for scientists to predict which cells will successfully complete their migration from primary tumor to eventual recolonization in a far-flung region of the body. Subject to a wide range of mechanical and physical forces in the bloodstream, circulating tumor cells can be trapped or damaged before they complete their journey....

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