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Category: Drug development

Measuring cancer cell state can reveal drug susceptibility | MIT News
December 10, 2021

Over the past few decades, scientists have made great strides in understanding the genetic mutations that can drive cancer. For some types of cancer, these discoveries have led to the development of drugs that target specific mutations. However, there are still many types of cancer for which no such targeted therapies are available. A team of researchers from MIT, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and other institutions is...

Taking some of the guesswork out of drug discovery | MIT News
December 6, 2021

In their quest to discover effective new medicines, scientists search for drug-like molecules that can attach to disease-causing proteins and change their functionality. It is crucial that they know the 3D shape of a molecule to understand how it will attach to specific surfaces of the protein. But a single molecule can fold in thousands of different ways, so solving that puzzle experimentally is a time consuming and...

Engineers devise a way to selectively turn on RNA therapies in human cells | MIT News
November 20, 2021

Researchers at MIT and Harvard University have designed a way to selectively turn on gene therapies in target cells, including human cells. Their technology can detect specific messenger RNA sequences in cells, and that detection then triggers production of a specific protein from a transgene, or artificial gene. Because transgenes can have negative and even dangerous effects when expressed in the wrong cells, the...

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