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Category: cymbal reviews

Paiste PST-7 Cymbals - Drummer's Review
November 22, 2021

Here’s our review of a selection of Paiste PST-7 Cymbals, featuring… PST-7 Enhanced Set containing 20″ Ride, 18″ & 16″ Crash and 14″ Hats, PST-7 FX Pack containing 10″ Splash & 18″ China, All cymbals constructed from Paiste 2002 Bronze Alloy, Red stamped logos, lathing and hammering...

Affordable Cymbal Pack Comparison - Drummer's Review
November 8, 2021

Here’s a special video where we present an affordable Cymbal Pack comparison, featuring… Meinl HCS Series Zildjian Planet Z Series Sabian SBR Series Paiste 101 Series With all packs containing… 14″ Hats 16″ Crash 20″ Ride Meinl HCS Series: Meinl Says says…”You see it and can’t walk away. Just...

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