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Category: Community

MIT students explore food sustainability | MIT News
January 6, 2022

As students approached the homestretch of the fall semester, many were focused on completing final projects and preparing for exams. During this time of year, some students may neglect their well-being to the point of skipping meals. To help alleviate end-of-term stress and to give students a delicious study break, the Food Security Action Team recently offered a group of first-year students the opportunity to join a food...

Compassionate mentorship both inside and outside the lab | MIT News
January 4, 2022

Although his professional expertise lies in developing chemical catalysts, MIT Visiting Professor Karthish Manthiram also makes sure to catalyze positive relationships with his graduate students. Manthiram is concluding his appointment as an assistant professor of chemical engineering at MIT. He is the principal investigator for the Manthiram Lab, which focuses on developing and producing key catalysts that are essential...

MIT in the media: 2021 in review | MIT News
December 22, 2021

From Institute-wide efforts to address the climate crisis to responding to Covid-19, members of the MIT community made headlines this year for their innovative work in a variety of areas. Faculty, students, and staff were on the front lines of addressing many pressing issues this year, raising their voices and sharing their findings. Below are highlights of news stories that spotlight the many efforts underway at MIT to...

MIT community in 2021: A year in review | MIT News
December 22, 2021

During 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic continued to color much of the year, as MIT saw both the promise of vaccines as well as the rise of troubling new variants. The Institute also made new commitments to climate action, saw the opening of new and renovated spaces, continued in its efforts to support its diverse voices, and celebrated new Nobel laureates and astronaut candidates. Here are some of the top stories in the MIT...

Q&A: John Dozier on the Strategic Action Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion | MIT News
December 21, 2021

The first draft of MIT’s Strategic Action Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was released in the spring of 2021. After an extended comment period that has included dozens of focus groups, community engagement sessions, and presentations to the campus and alumni communities, as well as email and inputs from all corners of MIT, the plan is now being updated. In a conversation prepared for MIT News, Institute...

Shirley McBay, former MIT dean of student affairs and leading advocate for diversity, dies at 86 | MIT News
December 17, 2021

Shirley McBay, the first Black dean of student affairs at MIT, died at her home in Los Angeles on Nov. 27. She was 86. As the Institute’s dean of student affairs from 1980 to 1990, McBay led efforts to identify and address obstacles in the Institute’s racial environment that hindered the success of students from underrepresented or underserved communities. A 1986 report entitled “The Racial Climate on the MIT...

Expanding the conversation about sustainability | MIT News
December 17, 2021

Stacy Godfreey-Igwe sat in her dorm room at MIT, staring frantically at her phone. An unprecedented snowstorm had hit her hometown of Richardson, Texas, and she was having difficulty contacting her family. She felt worried and frustrated, aware that nearby neighborhoods hadn’t lost power during the storm but that her family home had suffered significant damage. She finally got a hold of her parents, who had taken refuge...

MIT joins the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts | MIT News
December 13, 2021

This fall, MIT joined the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (BECMA), a Boston-based statewide organization that works to advance the economic well-being of Black businesses, organizations, and people in the Commonwealth. The Office of the Vice President for Finance (VPF) and the Office of Government and Community Relations (OGCR) jointly pursued membership in BECMA as part of an effort to increase MIT's...

With “Hello!” as its theme, 2.009 returns to the stage | MIT News
December 9, 2021

On Monday night, Kresge Auditorium was lit up in the colors of the rainbow as a vibrant welcome for the final presentations of 2.009, MIT’s popular Product Engineering Processes course. After going virtual in 2020, the annual event was back in exuberant, pom-pom-waving form, with Covid-19 precautions in place to help ensure a safe and spectacular in-person show. To attend the night’s festivities, everyone 12 years and...

EECS graduate women’s research summit increases research visibility and strengthens community | MIT News
December 9, 2021

The MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) group Graduate Women in Course 6 (GW6) held its third annual research summit on Nov. 5, with attendees convening in person along with a simultaneous webcast. The summit featured research lightning talks from graduate women and other underrepresented genders across EECS, as well as a keynote from Institute Professor Barbara Liskov and a panel of five...

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