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Category: Center for Theoretical Physics

Scientists make first detection of exotic “X” particles in quark-gluon plasma | MIT News
January 21, 2022

In the first millionths of a second after the Big Bang, the universe was a roiling, trillion-degree plasma of quarks and gluons — elementary particles that briefly glommed together in countless combinations before cooling and settling into more stable configurations to make the neutrons and protons of ordinary matter. In the chaos before cooling, a fraction of these quarks and gluons collided randomly to form...

American Physical Society honors nine with MIT ties for physics research | MIT News
November 10, 2021

Nine MIT community members have been selected for the American Physical Society (APS) spring 2022 prizes and awards. Those awarded include Professor Edmund Bertschinger, Associate Professor Nikta Fakhri, and Professor (post-tenure) Robert Jaffe; late Research Scientist Gene Dresselhaus, Research Scientist Peter Fritschel; and Lecturer and Junior Lab Manager Sean Robinson; as well as alumni Sylvester James Gates Jr....

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