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Q&A: Dolapo Adedokun on computer technology, Ireland, and all that jazz | MIT News
January 11, 2022

Adedolapo Adedokun has a lot to look forward to in 2023. After completing his degree in electrical engineering and computer science next spring, he will travel to Ireland to undertake an MS in intelligent systems at Trinity College Dublin as MIT’s fourth student to receive the prestigious George J. Mitchell Scholarship. But there’s more to Adedokun, who goes by Dolapo, than just academic achievement. Besides being a...

At MIT, learning about the language, history, and art of Arabic | MIT News
January 5, 2022

A recent MIT event put into focus the ways in which the Institute is celebrating and supporting the education of Arabic language, art, and history. On Dec. 9, students had the opportunity to learn about the history and art of Arabic calligraphy from a local expert, Hajj Wafaa. A freelance calligrapher, Wafaa has taught Arabic calligraphy in the Boston area since 2004.  Originally from Kufa, Iraq, Wafaa taught himself...

Harmonix keeps innovating, with lasting impact | MIT News
December 14, 2021

Every holiday season, a popular new video game causes a disproportionate amount of hype, anticipation, and last-minute shopping. But few of those games offer an entirely new way to play. Even fewer have ripple effects that reach far beyond the gaming universe. When Guitar Hero was released in 2005, challenging players to hit notes to classic rock songs on guitar-like controllers, it grew from a holiday hit to a cultural...

How MIT students are transforming the art of narrative | MIT News
December 2, 2021

If storytelling was once confined to a single medium — a tale told, for instance, in the pages of a book — the past few decades have seen narratives spill into different platforms and media, spreading across everything from comic books to films to fan-created websites. Scholars such as Henry Jenkins called this “transmedia,” referring to the way a single fictional universe might expand into multiple formats in the...

Scientists and musicians tackle climate change together | MIT News
December 1, 2021

Audiences may travel long distances to see their favorite musical acts in concert or to attend large music festivals, which can add to their personal carbon footprint of emissions that are steadily warming the planet. But these same audiences, and the performers they follow, are often quite aware of the dangers of climate change and eager to contribute to ways of curbing those emissions. How should the industry reconcile...

Ronald Kurtz, philanthropist and MIT Corporation life member emeritus, dies at 89 | MIT News
November 30, 2021

Ronald Kurtz '54, '59, SM '60, a materials manufacturer with a great love of art, died on Nov. 20. He was 89. Kurtz earned three degrees at MIT — a bachelor's degree in industrial management and bachelor's and master's degrees in metallurgy — all of which contributed to his keen interest in art and his extensive involvement with the Institute. "I will remember him for his profound commitment to forging strong...

Featured video: A musical encore for a re-imagined library | MIT News
November 29, 2021

When MIT’s Hayden Library was originally dedicated in 1950, Czech-born composer Bohuslav Martinů was commissioned to write his “Piano Trio in D Minor” to mark the occasion. The piece received its world premiere in a performance by MIT professors Klaus Liepmann on violin and Gregory Tucker on piano, and George Finckel of Bennington College on cello. Seventy-one years later, the MIT Libraries celebrated the...

Adedolapo Adedokun named 2023 Mitchell Scholar | MIT News
November 23, 2021

MIT senior Adedolapo “Dolapo” Adedokun has been named one of 12 winners of the George J. Mitchell Scholarship’s Class of 2023. After completing his degree in electrical engineering and computer science next spring, he will travel to Ireland to undertake a MSc in intelligent systems at Trinity College Dublin as MIT’s fourth student to receive this award. Mitchell Scholars are selected on the basis of academic...

Q&A: John Harbison on his new album, “Diotima” | MIT News
November 18, 2021

Attention, music fans: The new John Harbison album has dropped. The Nov. 2 release, titled “Diotima,” features three ambitious pieces from the repertoire of Harbison, the acclaimed composer and Institute Professor at MIT — who The New York Times once called “one of the finest American composers” of his generation, for his “willingness to transcend” prevailing conventions. Two of the works on “Diotima”...

The poetry of physics | MIT News
November 16, 2021

“With skin brushed then tangled, with the apple touched at the supermarket then tangled,with the tear wiped then woven away,tangled with even things very distant like Mars dust,that unravel themselves when /touched by our gaze…”  —Excerpt from Miriam Manglani’s poem “Makinde’s Quantum World,” about Makinde Ogunnaike’s quantum physics research Senior MIT physics doctoral student Olumakinde “Makinde”...

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