BuildMyRank is one of the newcomers in the world of one-way link building. Already a crowded space with such products as Linkvana, SEOLinkvine, and IM Advantage, you might be wondering how BuildMyRank stacks up.

First, let’s look at what one-way link building really is. In short, one-way link building involves a creating a blog post of original or spun content, with a few backlinks sprinkled into the text. This blog post is then posted on a single website within a private blog network. The private blog network typically has over 500 websites, and some upwards of 5000, where the majority of the posts contained therein are coming from the members of the one-way link building group. This is how Linkvana, SEOLinkVine, an IM Advantage (their product is called BlogBlueprint) all work. It is also how BuildMyRank works. Let me do a quick BuildMyRank (BMR) review for you:

BuildMyRank: The Advantages

  • High Page Rank network: Unlike its competitors, specifically BlogBlueprint, BuildMyRank has high PR blog networks, from PR1-PR7. Why is this important? The PR of the link greatly affects its value. The higher the PR of the link, the more powerful the link is to building your authority and page rank.
  • Automated Bookmarking: This is a major upgrade from other services. Yes, IM Advantage has BookmarkBlueprint but it is slow to bookmark and only uses 5 social networking sites. Plus IM Advantage costs $147/month versus $59/month for BuildMyRank.
  • Unlimited backlinks, Unlimited domains: Some services like LinxBoss limit the number of domains you can backlink to. Not BuildMyRank. You can create one-way backlinks to 10 or 10 thousand websites, and there is no limit to the number of links you can create – not per day, month, ever!
  • Fast, permanent indexing: If you have ever used another service, including Linkvana, to create blog posts, you know that not all of your posts ever get indexed in Google. With BMR, each post gets bookmarked in one of the many popular social bookmarking automatically so your links get picked up by Google quickly. And unlike some other blog networks, the links stay put. They don’t disappear when they move off the first page of the submitted website. BMR states that over 95% of the your posts will get indexed – permanently!

BuildMyRank: The Disadvantages

  • More stringent quality rules: The high quality standards of BMR mean that you won’t be able to spam the network with spun content that is barely readable. That is good for the network and the power of your links. Downside is you need to write original content for each article and they do not accept spun content of the same article. Think of it this way, work a little harder on the front end (or outsource the work), and you will get much more value in return.
  • Like other competitive services, BMR has a monthly fee: This is inevitable if you want to have a good private blog network. If you are not paying a monthly fee, the network dies. I’ve seen too many good networks go to waste (like SEOLinkVine) because care was not given to maintain the integrity of the network. Think of it this way, you pay $59 a month and get unlimited links. That’s pennies per link and pure internet gold.

BuildMyRank: Conclusion

The $59/month price is a steal considering all of the features you get with BuildMyRank. In addition, you have unlimited submissions for unlimited websites on a quality network whose page rank is unmatched.

If you are tired of struggling to get to Page 1 on Google, make the commitment today to try BuildMyRank. It just may be the final piece in the traffic puzzle that can deliver thousands of visitors per month to your web properties.

Source by Spencer Adams